SHINE ministry, comprised of girls ranging from ages 11 to 25, is a newly developed girl’s ministry in the church of Zion Gospel Assembly.
We know that all students have very different life experiences and are in very different places–but we think our girls deserve something designed and intended just for them. Our Girls’ Ministry exists to minister specifically to this group;
which provides lively opportunities for young women of God to share, to encourage, to have fellowship, and to motivate one another to live in Christ and Serve Him IN Everything, as per the name of the group, through conferences and monthly meetings centered around the lifestyles of women of God and addressing specific concerns and topics such as self-image, body positivity, self-love, and loving others with the love of Christ. Our bible studies are designed by God to bring women closer together in a safe, non-judgmental environment, to reveal the Truth of what God says to demolish every lie that’s been believed, and to encourage each other as we grow, fall, learn, and become more like Him.

With events such as bake sales, bridal showers, baby showers, and organizing Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, as well as holding monthly meetings in various homes of these girls, the SHINE ministry achieves their focus of having a united group of self-empowered girls that grow in biblical knowledge while learning more about their own lives through these recreational activities and discussions, providing further opportunities for these women to reach out to other girls and show them the love of Christ.